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Video Imaging System (Badging).

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Video imaging (Badging) is the most comprehensive identification system available to business today. Using a CCTV camera, a picture is taken of an individual. The image created, along with other pertinent information (like birth date, address, social security number, employment information, etc.) is stored on computer. All information can then later be retrieved for use in a variety of applications--not the least of which is to control access. Here's how some of our customers use their video imaging systems:

Director of security for a corporation:

  "We're pretty much like most others--we use our video imaging system for badging. Our company has 5,000 employees at six different sites. Employees are granted access with their own card. This card has a picture of the employee taken with a video camera so all the employees' pictures are stored on our main computer along with other information about that employee."

Asset protection vice president for a retail store:

  "Well, ours starts as a badging system but we require much more--and video imaging delivers. Because we have a number of hourly employees, the system operates as a time clock, recording when each employee arrives for work, and anytime they leave. It save hours of time for the accounting department and simplifies things for the hourly workers--they merely swipe their card as they go in and as they go out, which everyone must do to access or leave the premises."

Engineer at a large chemical facility:

  "We look at imaging as a way to enhance our safety, as well as our security system. We like to have a record of the access granted at a location, then use the computer to pull up the picture of the cardholder, verifying that the cardholder is actually the person in the area."

Operations manager for a manufacturing plant:

  "Ours is a more innovative application that involves networking our imaging system with our plant medical facility. The link allows our on-site doctor to confirm patient identity, preventing confusion and minimizing misdiagnoses. It's important to give our plant doctor access to the imaging system because with 3,000 people, there's bound to be some similar names. If a doctor can call up a photo and confirm who he's treating, particularly if the patient is unconscious, it greatly reduces liability."

This article was first published in Volume 3, Edition 1 in the Intelligent Security newsletter--a newsletter published for the security professional by PSA Security Network.

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